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03 - 06 - 2014

Fleetwood Paints kindly donated ‘Weather Guard’ vibrant and energetic paint! With a few glimpses of sunshine and some hard work The Icon Factory team started the revamp of The Icon Walk.

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05 - 05 - 2014

The Icon Factory is delighted to present "THINGS AS THEY ARE”, the new mixed-media exhibition by artist Jennette Donnelly.


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06 - 04 - 2014

The Icon Factory participating in the Temple Bar Night Market. The Night Market are held every Wednesday evening from 3pm until 8pm throughout June, July, and August.

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01 - 04 - 2014

Faye Strawn wrote a great article about The Icon Factoy and The Icon Walk in the Metro Eireann in 2014:  "Artist co-op seeks to clean up Temple Bar's dingier corners" :

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08 - 03 - 2014

The Icon Factory is delighted to present “WAITING TO BE BORN AGAIN” the new exhibition of pen and ink drawings by Katarzyna Sliwa.

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04 - 08 - 2013

The Icon Factory is delighted to present “THE WATERMARK COLLECTION”, a new exhibiton by artist Mark Duffy.

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03 - 06 - 2013

The Icon Factory had the great pleasure of participating in The Gathering Night of Tourist Walk, Dublin. Four brothers: Brendan, Michael, Donal, Oisin, four musicians, great people and their great project; called – “Tourist Walk“.

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01 - 06 - 2013

The Icon Factory won a SPECIAL MERIT in the SHOP FRONT CATEGORY.

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24 - 05 - 2013

The Icon Factory is delighted to present “A NOTE TO SELF”, a new exhibition by artist Mahua Le Meur.

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22 - 03 - 2013

The Icon Factory is delighted to present “REFLECTIONS”, the new exhibiton by photographer Martin Baker.

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Temple Bar, Dublin 2 – Just off Fleet Street (Behind the Temple Bar Hotel, The Hard Rock Cafe and The Morgan Hotel)
Look For – Aston Place, Bedford Lane and Price’s Lane for the Icon Walk.