“THE WATERMARK COLLECTION” by Mark Duffy - opening 04/08/2013

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Mark Duffy is a freelance artist who works primarily with acrylics and coloured pencils on canvas or illustration board. While not afraid to use other mediums he prefers the acrylics as they dry and can be changed quickly while still producing high quality effects. This versatility allows him to change the art around to suit the individual needs and tastes of the piece.

Mark enjoys working on different projects from design to comic to portrait and abstract pieces and has been successful in selling a great many pieces. Mark has had a wide range of success designing Company logos, advertising posters, in addition to magazine covers for various school and university projects.

If interested in his work he considers no project as too great or too small. Marks work now resides in many private collections and also features in a number of galleries.

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Temple Bar, Dublin 2 – Just off Fleet Street (Behind the Temple Bar Hotel, The Hard Rock Cafe and The Morgan Hotel)
Look For – Aston Place, Bedford Lane and Price’s Lane for the Icon Walk.