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01 - 05 - 2014

VIDA NA IRLANDA - Conhecendo a Irlanda (Knowing Ireland) : The Icon Factory. A great article by Tarsila Krüseo of Brazilian/Irish Blog - VIDA NA IRLANDA

VIDA NA IRLANDA semana passada foi inaugurada na área do Temple Bar uma iniciativa muito bacana chamada The Icon Factory. 

(Last week a very cool initiative called The Icon Factory opened in the Temple Bar area.)

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01 - 04 - 2014

Faye Strawn wrote a great article about The Icon Factoy and The Icon Walk in the Metro Eireann in 2014:  "Artist co-op seeks to clean up Temple Bar's dingier corners" :

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08 - 07 - 2012

The IRISH TIMES asks tourists out and about on the street questions about Irish Culture. "We might like to see Ireland as a cultural beacon, but not all tourists share this view, as Una Mullally, discovers in Temple Bar".

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01 - 03 - 2012

The Irish Independent talk about The Icon Walk project.


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